Visual marketing in the new normal

On a scale on 1–10 how sick of hearing the phrase ‘The New Normal’ are you? I think I’d say a strong 8, maybe even 9. As we all know, this year has been different than any other, bringing so many changes to our lifestyles. For businesses, it’s important to consider that the new normal will be around for some time, which means that the countless impacts on businesses will continue to make it necessary to adapt in all ways possible.

One notable change has been the increased reliance on digital devices to communicate with our friends and family due to COVID-19 restrictions. This reliance on digital mediums has been no different for brands communicating with consumers. So what does this digital reliance mean for businesses? It means a couple of things; that online competition is rife, but the opportunities are ripe.

As consumers, we now see brands through the same medium we see our friends, through our social media feeds. This opens up the opportunity for brands to breakthrough online with a more human touch, with the power to become not just a relatable brand, but a friend. Aww, isn’t that nice? This is most effectively achieved through the images brands use online, where there is opportunity to quickly connect with consumers through relatable photos. This could include photos of staff working hard behind the scenes, products in real-life use, or perhaps photos of current health and safety measures. This kind of commercial photography showcases that human element behind your business, showing that you care and relate to your customers.

What you DON’T want to do in your visual marketing is recycle the same content you’ve been posting out since forever. First of all, these are outdated in the current times, if you were a restaurant or bar would you continue to post images of busy venues with no social distancing in sight? Of course not. So, don’t neglect adapting your visual marketing content.

As a commercial photographers with over 18 years’ experience, we know that getting the right photography to reflect the current market is a great way to relate to consumers and increase engagement. Part of our creative direction process always considers current market contexts, taking time to understand what kind of photos are likely to see the most engagement. This helps identify open opportunities that will help give your business a competitive edge and boost online presence.

We’ve seen great success when helping businesses achieve a more personable, humanistic image with up-to-date, adaptive shots throughout covid. And we’d love to help more! Get in touch at or call us on 01226 872517. Check out our website here